CPA Edgewater Section Breakdown

CPA Edgewater Cover.pdf
CPA Edgewater Table of Contents.pdf
CPA Edgewater Title Sheet.pdf
Cover Letter.pdf

Edgewater Amendment Application.pdf

Amendment Checklist Supplemental Data
Ownership and Encumbrance Report.pdf
Small Scale Amendments Information.pdf
Title Report.pdf
Volusia County School District Development Information Summary Form.pdf
Warranty Deed.pdf

Application Section I
Section I - Required Documentation and Exhibits.pdf

Application Section I Supplemental Data
Exhibit 1 Location Map.pdf
Exhibit 2 Aerial.pdf

Application Section II
Section II - Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment Request.pdf

Application Section II Supplemental Data
Vegetation and Wildlife.pdf

Application Section III
Section III - Justification Statement and Compliance Analysis.pdf

Application Section III Supplemental Data
Edgewater Needs Analysis.pdf
Fiscal Impact Analysis.pdf
Police and Fire Protection.pdf
Recreation and Open Space.pdf
Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste.pdf
Stormwater Management.pdf
Wastewater Management.pdf
Water Supply.pdf

Application Section IV
Section IV - Proposed Comprehensive Plan Text and Map Series Amendments.pdf

Application Section IV Supplemental Data
Map I-1 - Existing Land Use.pdf
Map I-3 - Wetlands.pdf
Map I-8 - Future Land Use.pdf
Map II-11 - Future Transportation Map.pdf
Map IV-1 - Utility Service Area.pdf
Map V-8 General Vegetation Cover.pdf